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Early literacy is what children know about reading         
before they can actually do it themselves?               

You can use books, songs and fingerplays to help your child develop skills to make learning to read easier.

Research has identified six important skills that provide the building blocks for reading and writing. These early literacy skills are:

Vocabulary - knows the names of things
Print Motivation -has an interest in and enjoys books
Print Awareness - notices print and understands how a book works
Narrative Skills - able to describe things and events, and tell stories
Letter Knowledge - understands that letters look different from each other and that they have different names and sounds
Phonological Awareness - ability to hear and play with the smaller sounds that make up words such as understanding rhymes

Resource:  Parent Guide to Early Literacy Brochures

Early Talkers:  Birth to Two-Year-Olds (pdf files)
Talkers:  Two and Three-Year-Olds
Pre-Readers:  Four and Five-Year-Olds


young girl readingDid You Know. . . 

The CRLS Libraries are ready to help you!  We have a great selection of books and music appropriate for each stage of your child's early years.  Our staff is available to help you find materials and resources that will encourage the development of the skills needed for reading.

CRLS Libraries provide weekly storytime programs for preschool children.  Your child can enjoy stories, songs, rhymes, fingerplays and more in a fun,
supportive and interactive environment while building language skills.






 Ardmore  Headquarters
 Shawn Brown, 580-223-3164

 601 Railway Express
 Ardmore, OK                       

 Atoka  County Library
 Alice Withrow, 580-889-3555
215 A Street
Atoka,  OK
 Davis Public Library 
 Shannon Bever 580-369-2468
 209 E. Benton
 Davis, OK
 Healdton  Community Library 
 Phone 580-229-0590
 18 South 4th
 Healdton, OK
 Johnston County Library
 Michael Henthorn
 116 West Main
 Tishomingo, OK
 Love County Library
 Niki Powell,  580-276-3783
 500 South Hwy 77
 Marietta, OK
 Parker Memorial Library
 Phone  580-622-5807
 500 West Broadway
 Sulphur, OK
 Wilson  Public Library
 Betty Manley,  580-668-2486
 1087 U.S. Hwy. 70-A
 Wilson, OK 



About TumbleBook Library
An online collection of animated, talking picture books and puzzles created from existing picture books, large print chapter books and classic children's books.  

This fun and interactive site is great for preschoolers, beginning readers and older independent readers.  Children can read along and listen or read on their own. Jigsaw puzzles, word fun and memory games can be played after reading a book.

There are books in French and Spanish.  This is a great resource for ESL (English as a Second Language) students or for those wanting to build language learning skills.

There is an Index with an A-Z listing of all the story books.

Click to use TumbleBooksTumbleBooks will help teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love!


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