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Stop in at any CRLS library to set up your free account.  You can then login from home or work or any computer that has Internet access.   For more information, read the FAQ below.


NetLibrary FAQ's

*What are electronic books?

NetLibrary eBooks are electronic versions of print books. eBooks can be read online anytime, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any PC with Internet access, providing reliable information whenever and wherever it's needed.

*How do I borrow an eBook?

You borrow an eBook by logging on to NetLibrary, searching for the desired book, and clicking on the Checkout button.

*How do I get my borrowed eBooks at a later time?

When you check out an eBook, it is placed on your eBookshelf. To access the eBook at a later time, select the "my eBooks" option on the NetLibrary navigation bar.

*How do I return my borrowed eBooks to NetLibrary?

You can return a checked out eBook to the library before the checked out period has expired by clicking on the "My eBooks" button on the toolbar, click the down arrow and select return this book, or do nothing, and the book will automatically return itself to the shelf when the checkout time has expired.

*Can you copy and print text?

You can print single pages of an eBook just as you would at a photo copy machine. NetLibrary, however, has copyright protection mechanisms in place, limiting the copying and printing of pages. You can also cut and paste a limited amount of paragraphs and sections and place them in other documents. NetLibrary's digital rights management system protects copyrights and limits the copying and printing of an eBook while permitting fair use. The system will automatically advise the user when they have exceeded the limitation.

*What eBooks are available to my library?

Patrons can search the ODL Catalog by using keyword "electronic resource" in the location "ODL Main Collection".

*How long can users read an eBook online?

Checkout time is for 7 days.

*Can they read more than one book at a time?

You can have more than one eBook checked out but you can only read one eBook at a time.

*Why do I get a message that all copies are being used when trying to open an eBook?

NetLibrary has a one eBook, which means if someone has checked out an eBook from the collection, no one else can check out that book at the same time. If a library buys multiple copies of a particular eBook you will be able to check out or browse any additional copy of that eBook at the same time. However, if all copies of a book are checked out, and you want to browse or check it out, you will receive the message that the copies are unavailable.

*How do you close an eBook?

You can close an eBook by clicking on the home radio button at the top of the page of the opened book.

*What if you don't close your eBook?

If you do not close your eBook, the eBook will "time out," and the system will prompt you to log back in again to search for other eBooks.

*How do you get back to the search results?

There are two ways to get back to the search results page: the back button on the top of the page of the opened book, as well as a button on the bibliography page.

*Can I use my Macintosh to read an eBook?

The browser-based online NetLibrary eBook Reader™ is fully Mac compatible.


(Information from Oklahoma Department of Libraries website)